Our Design-Build Process

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What is Design-Build?

Design-Build is a streamlined approach to construction. Our Design-Build construction delivery method provides our homeowners with a single point of contact for both the design and construction phases of our projects. Our company holds single-source responsibility and contractual risk for every aspect of your build — from estimation, assessments and pre-construction to architecture or design, schematics, engineering, subcontracting, construction and post-construction. This way, we manage all contracts with all entities, such as subcontractors, equipment vendors and materials providers.

The end result is a solid design, a budget defined and a schedule that is simplified. Ensuring your home build goals are safeguarded and met.

Design Build process diagram, details below

Traditional Project Delivery

The client has to handle at least two separate contracts, managing and settling interests or conflicts between the designer and the contractor, possibly compromising what the client wants. The designer and contractor can blame one another for over-budget costs, styles, and other issues.

Design-Build Project Delivery

With our Design-Build process, the client has only one contract with only one responsibility. The designer and contractor are on the same side and can offer unified recommendations and ideas. Changes are addressed to the same Design-Build team which holds full responsibility for the project's success.

Project Phases

Pre-Construction Phase

In most Rocky Mountain Homes projects, we provide a large degree of pre-construction services. The services range from categorical cost comparisons to computerized cost analysis. We begin with a basic project assessment which includes the following:

  • Investigate the subcontractor and the material availability to determine unique conditions which would influence the design cost and schedule of construction.
  • Review drawings and specifications as they are being prepared, recommending alternative solutions whenever design details affect construction feasibility.
  • Provide an analysis of the types, quantity and availability of labor and equipment required for critical phases of the project.

Value Engineering

After the preliminary project assessment is made, RMH reviews plans and specifications for possible design improvements or cost saving opportunities. For example, these activities include:

  • Advice on the trade-offs between alternative building system cost and construction schedule.
  • Performs a side-by-side comparison of recent projects utilizing similar building systems and or materials.
  • If appropriate, we will familiarize Architects with other jobs where solutions were developed to design and engineering problems similar to those which will be encountered on your project.
  • Invite specialty contractors to comment on feasibility of planned construction methods similar to those which will be encountered on your project.


Using a combination of manual and computer systems a preliminary project schedule is developed at an early stage of project design.

The first schedule is a simple precedence diagram showing only the major components of the project and is based on a comparison of similar project schedules adjusted for locations and seasonal variations. As the design becomes more final, a computerized schedule is developed with primary input from the Design Build Contractor. Additional reviews are made by our Client Services Department for the project. Long lead items are identified during the process and early purchases are coordinated with the owner and architect.

Budget Preparation

Our involvement will include control of cost from the initial concept stage through completion. Estimates will be prepared from extensive historical data of elemental cost, adjusted for location and time. Such estimates are used as a basis of subsequent work and more definitive estimates are prepared progressively as information becomes available. The designers working drawings will be continually reviewed with regard to construction methods and details and cost analysis of operations will analyzed throughout the design process. Our Design Build experience and exposure to the competitive bid market will assure a high degree of accuracy in budget estimating during these preliminary stages.

Because of the schematic nature of drawings and specifications at the early states, a percentage of possible variance can be assumed.


Because the majority of the work on the project will be performed by subcontractors. RMH places special emphasis on this phase of the construction project. We hire employees and choose subcontractors solely on the basis of their demonstrated ability to perform. Prior to, and periodically during construction if needed, we design and update a reserve gate system to allow us to deal immediately with potential delays and minimize their impact should they occur.

Prior to and during the project, Rocky Mountain Homes will:

  • Evaluate and pre-qualify subcontractors and conduct pre-bid conferences to familiarize bidders with the bid documents and management technique to be used on the project.
  • Secure quotations, make bid comparisons, and check for technical compliance with specifications.
  • Conduct pre-award conferences with successful bidders. Prepare and issue purchase orders and subcontract agreements.
  • Establish cost control procedures and prepare the purchasing control schedule.

Quality Control

Our QC program provides the guidelines and methods for assuring that activities, structures, components, systems and facilities are fabricated, constructed, installed, inspected tested and documented in compliance with contractually established project scope and requirements of applicable technical documents, codes, standards and approved project procedures.

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Our home has the feel of an old Yellowstone Lodge..

— M. Alber  

Rocky Mountain Homes from my experience are efficient, professional, skilled and knowledgeable. I am impressed by their workmanship. Being quite knowledgeable in the construction field myself, I am impressed with their attention to detail when it comes to  finish work.   They are thorough, attentive to detail, and very professional in their work.

— J. Schuler   See project ›

The hands on approach to every aspect of our project and attention to detail gave us the peace of mind we needed.  We just completed our dream home and could not be happier

— Daniel Weinstein