How customizable are the floorplans?

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The floorplans are just a starting point for you and the designer. From the floorplan you choose, you will talk it over with the designer and customize the floorplan and the styles to fit you and your family.


Our home has the feel of an old Yellowstone Lodge..

— M. Alber  

Rocky Mountain Homes from my experience are efficient, professional, skilled and knowledgeable. I am impressed by their workmanship. Being quite knowledgeable in the construction field myself, I am impressed with their attention to detail when it comes to  finish work.   They are thorough, attentive to detail, and very professional in their work.

— J. Schuler   See project ›

The hands on approach to every aspect of our project and attention to detail gave us the peace of mind we needed.  We just completed our dream home and could not be happier

— Daniel Weinstein