Building a New Home

Updated November 07, 2017

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Many people believe that the most important stage of building is the actual construction process.  There are important steps leading to construction that will help insure your project will be successful.  We can assist you in developing a step-by-step plan to accomplish this. Whether you are building a log, timber, or conventional home, we want to be part of your team.


Understand your reasons for a new home.  Do you need more or less space, will this be an expression of your lifestyle, are you needing a sanctuary that will afford you comfort and peace from your hectic day to day activities, do you want to build a legacy for future generations of loved ones?  The reasons can be many and very individual.  Help us understand your priorities and we can do a better job of serving you.

Budget / Design

These things go hand in hand.  Be realistic.  We can help you establish a budget no matter where you are building.  Our extensive experience in residential development for over 40 years has exposed us to all parts of the country, let us put this experience and knowledge to work for you.  As we design your home or help you pick a design, keeping your overall budget in mind can assist in making the right decisions to help you get what you want.  We strive to be trusted partners to accomplish this.  We first must ascertain what the costs involved in developing your property are.  Do you need a road, a well, a septic system, a power extension and what will these things cost.? Do we need to deduct these expenses from the budget before we start on the actual design of the home?  What kind of finishes do you require and how will they affect the budget?  Our design and estimating staff are very good at helping you with these considerations.  Are you looking for a rustic, traditional, or contemporary design?  We can help illustrate the differences so you can make an informed decision.  If you have your own architect or design, many find that a review of these things are very helpful.  As we take this comprehensive approach to the design of your home it should insure that you end up with what you want for style, function, and budget when we enter the next phase.


Whether you are needing manufacturing of material, oversight, or complete construction services, we are ready to begin once we have completed the steps to finalize your engineered drawings.  Our graded wood and technologically advanced building systems are recognized as the best in the industry and a product of decades of experience.  We can now determine a realistic timeline to set in motion the implementation of our planning.  As we move through this phase changes can still be made.  We will inform you of budget and timeline alterations as these occur.  Be prepared for the unexpected – weather, site conditions, and mistakes can all come in to play.  We are experts at solutions and will find the most expedient way of dealing with unforeseen circumstances.  Your satisfaction is always our primary concern. 

Give us a call today and lets get started. Teamwork makes the dream work.

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Our home has the feel of an old Yellowstone Lodge..

— M. Alber  

Rocky Mountain Homes from my experience are efficient, professional, skilled and knowledgeable. I am impressed by their workmanship. Being quite knowledgeable in the construction field myself, I am impressed with their attention to detail when it comes to  finish work.   They are thorough, attentive to detail, and very professional in their work.

— J. Schuler   See project ›

The hands on approach to every aspect of our project and attention to detail gave us the peace of mind we needed.  We just completed our dream home and could not be happier

— Daniel Weinstein