Big Design in the Smallest of Spaces

Updated November 07, 2017

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Powder rooms are a great place to add a splash of “Wow” to your home.  Small in size, they require less materials, making an upgrade friendly on the budget. Their smaller size also allows a simple change, such as a new light fixture, to deliver a bigger impact. Generally these rooms also see much less use than the family bathroom, so you can feel encouraged to broaden your selections to include those more “delicate” finishes.

Less material means you may be able to increase your square foot price tag in this room. Natural stone or a custom glazed artisan ceramic tile might be prohibitively expensive in a larger space, but could be perfect as a backsplash or even flooring material with your reduced footprint Keep your eyes peeled for that unique item whether it be a hand crafted vessel sink or a piece of antique furniture that could be fashioned into a vanity.  Powder rooms do not require as much storage as a traditional bathroom so it is possible to get creative without worrying as much about function. Wood countertops are not always the best choice for a busy family bathroom, but they can be a beautiful and often inexpensive option for a powder room and provide the perfect backdrop for that gorgeous artisan sink. 

Tip! Look for deals on small end lots of tile or flooring material. 50 square feet of tile may not be enough to bother with for most jobs and retailers may offer a large discount on a tile that is being discontinued or had been returned

While I do recommend that clients let loose their biggest ideas in their tiniest of rooms, it is important to keep a sense of volume and proportion. Balance is key; large scale pattern wallcoverings are all the rage right now and their scale is even more spectacular in a small area.  Pair them with simpler, clean lined fixtures for a sophisticated look that doesn’t overpower.

Tip! Wanting to go big, but less permanent? Every room deserves art on the walls. Consider playing with scale via an oversized piece of art or a tiny painting. Or consider framing a favorite poem, maybe torn out a beautifully aged book , matted and framed above the commode for some inspiring au toilette reading. 

Even the smallest of changes can make this room special for your guests and add a touch of pizazz to your home. Consider an artisan towel holder or changing out your vanity hardware to something uniquely you. It is the small touches that tell your story and make your house a home.

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Our home has the feel of an old Yellowstone Lodge..

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